Meeting Minutes

SCALA Steering Committee Meeting

Meeting Details
Date and Time
· 6/10/2006, 12:30 PM
· Cha! Cha! Cha! SW 6th Ave, Portland
· Steering committee formation

· Present
§ Allie Flanary
§ Sarah-Lynda Johnson
§ Sara Poly
§ Kevin Moore
· Not Present
§ Sue Kunda
§ Jennifer Whitlock

· Liaisons went to OR-7 orientation and successfully obtained e-mail addresses for 27 new students who are interested in joining SCALA-OR.

Status of Old Action Items
· No old action items

· Those present vote unanimously to maintain an OR-6 “steering committee” which will report to SCALA-OR. OR-7 students will have a role in developing projects.
· Steering committee will organize one substantial service project
· Possibility of “adopting” a library, etc.
· SCALA (both steering and main membership) will develop several smaller projects
· Possibility of volunteering ushering services, etc. for August PNLA conference, SLA receptions, other opportunities
· Main focus of SCALA-OR steering committee for 2006-2007 will be on developing sound infrastructure
· Developing web presence by working with Lori to utilize the SLIM-OR webspace
· Fostering greater connection with SCALA @ ESU

Next Meeting
Date and Time
· TBD – check your email
· TBD – check your email
· Check activities performed/hosted by other SCALA chapters (S-L)
· Compile list of potential agencies for “big” project
· Connect with Brandon Barnett about PNLA
· Begin scheduling process

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