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MCL Volunteer Opportunity

Student Chapter of the
American Library Association
Where: Multnomah County Library

What: Help update their website!

When: To be completed by mid-December.

Who: An alumni from Emporia. She is a technical dynamo!


On Multnomah’s website, each subscription database has an associated
description file, a kind of more information/help page.

These files were originally written circa 1999, have not been
maintained, and didn’t age well because they weren’t designed to age
without maintenance.

MCL would like to have these files all updated and redesigned so that they will age
better, since MCL doesn’t have the resources to do frequent updating.

They need someone to help create a template and fill
it in for each subscription database. They are looking for 2-3 people
to work on this. No website skills necessary (BONUS: she is even willing to
add some web instruction in as the project unfolds, if you are interested.)
Must be comfortable with learning!!!

As a volunteer at MCL some paperwork is invovled. realtively painless.
They like to keep track of who is volunteering and how many hours.



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