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Volunteer Opportunity at ODOT library

Where: Oregon Department of Transportation library in Salem

What: Continue indexing an historic photo collection started by an OR-6 student.
Or cataloging research reports…and much more.

When: Ongoing (would like at least a semester’s commitment)

Who: Laura Wilt ODOT librarian and Emporia grad!


Another project for those interested in cataloging — they have
recently acquired our Research Dept’s collection of research reports
from other states which need to be cataloged. It won’t require much, if any,
original cataloging — but lots of experience in copy cataloging from OCLC!
They do have a data bridge that imports the MARC record into the catalog
– it requires only a bit of editing, so it goes fairly quickly.
But there are lots of them….

They also have a History Center that serves as
a repository for historic photos, correspondence, etc. An OR-6 student
worked on both an indexing and a database project with a group of the photos.
They would be thrilled to have that work continued.

And they have many (many!) other opportunities for
indexing, cataloging, etc……

If you are interested please contact Laura Wilt directly.

Laura Wilt
Oregon Dept. of Transportation Library
355 Capitol St NE, Rm 22
Salem, OR 97301-3871
503-986-3280 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-986-3280      end_of_the_skype_highlighting



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