Volunteer Opportunity at Oregon Zoo

Where: Oregon Zoo

What: Help out at the zoo library which has a professionally cataloged

Animal Management library!

When: ongoing or project-based. To be determined.

Who: Karen Lewis, the Conservation Research Assistant


The Zoo actually has 2 libraries. One in the Volunteer Division, run completely by volunteers, and aimed mainly at lay people, and the Conservation Division Library (aka Animal Mgmt Lib). They subscribe to several journals, a few different sets of conference proceedings, & have ~1,500 titles in the collection including some videos. Most are higher level reference texts and focus on animal care and husbandry, natural history, reproduction, vet, wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

FYI, they do not have a librarian on staff, although they benefit greatly from the efforts of several volunteer librarians.

They can use cataloging assistance.

(Mostly copy cataloging using Spectrum cataloging software and Marcive but some original cataloging.)

Other projects include:

developing a system for getting word out to Zoo employees about newly catalogued titles and articles in current journals,

cataloguing our video tape collection,

completing a shelf check that a volunteer started last year,

sorting out the overlap in the catalogue between the vol. lib. and ours, and once that’s understood, develop & implement a plan for resolving it (separate, integrate with location codes, or ??).

They are also open to suggestions so if someone has something they’d like to do, feel free to suggest it & they’ll consider it.

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