Summer 2007 Election

Elections will be held on Saturday July 21, 2007 in the Smith Memorial Student Center 1st Floor

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Who: All students especially those interested in being an officer

What: To elect officers for the SCALA in Oregon

When: Saturday, July 21 12:15 pm

Where: Smith Memorial Student Union 1st floor

How: Process explained below

These are the positions we will be holding elections for:

Officers will serve a term of one year.


Official representative of SCALA in Oregon, call meetings of officers, create agenda for meetings, final authority on all group activities, create and publish content to the blog, liaise with professional organizations, ESU Faculty, Cohorts and Kansas group. This officer has a major role in identifying, planning and managing opportunities for the group.

Vice President

Take on duties of president if he or she is not present, manage list serve, create and publish content to the blog, and oversee the social committee.


Manage finances and financial records of the group, coordinate with ESU for funding, and manage fundraising activities.


Record meeting minutes, document activities, organize and manage the records for the group and collaborate with the Webmaster to publish records to the blog.

Public Relations

Promote SCALA to the Oregon cohort and other cohorts, manage all public relations and write press releases. Spearhead campaigns to increase active members of the group.


Manage the ESU SCALA Oregon blog, publish contributions from other students to the blog, and collaborate with Kansas’s officers to keep links on ESU site up to date for the Oregon group. This person will have the lead role in designing the blog and managing the content.

Social Committee

Plan social activities for the Oregon cohort.

Election process:

Please prepare a 3-sentence statement regarding the reason you should be elected for this office. Do not exceed this length.

Each candidate will read his or her statement out loud. Those present will vote for the candidate of their choosing by anonymous ballot. The ballots will be tallied and officers will be announced on the blog within 24 hours.

Good luck everyone!

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