A Little More Help from Your Friends: Social Bookmarking

Rachel Bridgewater (Oregon 4) will present a SirsiDynix Institute

seminar entitled “A Little More Help from Your Friends: Social Bookmarking” on November 13, at 8 am. These seminars are free, but you do need to register. They will also be available afterwards free of charge, at your convenience, on the SirsiDynix Institute website.

Here is a description of her presentation:

Is there a better way to bookmark? This question has inspired many of us to turn to social bookmarking as a method of keeping track of favorite websites. But if we’re having a hard time keeping track of our own information, can adding a social element possibly help the situation? And aren’t tags just a messier way of organizing information? Whether “folksonomy” is Greek to you or you’ve been tagging your bookmarks in del.icio.us since back in the day, this session will deliver insight into the broad concepts involved with social classification as well as examining nuts-and-bolts practical applications.

Author: Monique Lloyd

I've been writing a blog about my Adventures in Library School for the past two years and in less than six months I'll graduate. It's time to start a new blog, this one about my professional life. Stories are what we are all about whether they are text, pictures, photographs, or spoken words. We are also about sharing those stories. Please join me as I continue the adventure.

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