Volunteer report

Recently, Erica Findley shared some ideas on how to get library experience when you have never worked in a library. I, too was worried about how I would get a library job without any library background.

I am here to tell you that volunteering is a great way to get seasoned in the library world! Since the beginning of this year I have been helping the Jackson Middle School library in SW Portland transition to a new cataloging system. My job is to find and import bibliographic records for books that don’t have one.

So how has working at the Jackson library helped me to be a better prospective librarian?

-Actually doing cataloging hands-one made my cataloging class (LI814, Organizing Information) a lot more immediate and understandable

-You get to make valuable professional contacts

-It’s a great way to help people! Jackson’s library does not have the funding to pay someone to do the

detailed work that I do

-It can broaden your professional portfolio

There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities out there! It’s really worth it to find one that

fits you.

By Gordon Turner,  SLIM-OR SCALA Vice-President

Author: elray666

My name is Gordon Turner, and I am an (about to be) minted librarian. This is my web portfolio, which highlights the best work I have done in my MLS program. Enjoy!

One thought on “Volunteer report”

  1. I have also been volunteering my time in a library at one of the Portland Public Schools. My initial decision to do so was to gain cataloging experience, but I’ve gained much more than that. True it will add to my resume, and perhaps improve my chances of landing a scholarship. The experience has additionally helped me to build relationships with others in the library community. It is also simply satisfying to give your time to assist others, and volunteering can positively influence those you are helping in unexpected ways—I’ve influenced the school’s assistant librarian to further her career with an MLS. Chances are volunteering just a little of your time will positively affect many lives including your own.

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