Robyn Ward shares her OLA/WLA conference experience

The showcases at the OLA/WLA joint conference covered a broad range of programs and initiatives being created and implemented around libraries in the Northwest. Showcases were presented in three categories. These being: outreach, training and instruction, and grant funded and innovative programs. The showcases represented a diverse assortment of programs from open access institutional repositories, to gaming, to grants for digital initiatives, and to literacy, just to name a very few. There were over 40 showcase presenters from public, academic, school, and private libraries. I was impressed by the quality of the showcases, the information that was provided, and the interest and enthusiasm of each presenter on her/his topic. This was my first time participating in a conference in such a format. I thought it a good experience and something upon which I could build either for further display or instruction in other environments. I would encourage other students to participate in poster or showcase opportunities, as these are really less of an intimidating way of participating in conferences. If you aren’t familiar with conferences at all, it is a good way to get your feet wet so to speak and to meet individuals that you would not necessary ever get to meet. Even if you may not work in a library, you have ideas and interests that are worth hearing and presenting. This is a good way to get your name out there and network.

Author: elray666

My name is Gordon Turner, and I am an (about to be) minted librarian. This is my web portfolio, which highlights the best work I have done in my MLS program. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Robyn Ward shares her OLA/WLA conference experience”

  1. Thanks Robyn and I agree. Our very own students Terrilyn Chun OR8, Toan Lam-Sullivan OR8, Monique Lloyd OR7, and Max Macias OR8 had a stunning and very well done poster on providing library services to incarcerated youth. This was grown out of a recent presentation and project for LI 833 (Special populations). Doing a poster is a great way to get you seen at the conferences.

    Our very own Michael Baird OR7 killed (in a good way) with his presentation on library orientation activities for freshmen at Oregon State. It was refreshing to hear about the successful programs he implemented on the cheap using student volunteers, other university departments and Web 2.0 technologies.

    Also, I would suggest volunteering. The SLIM students who worked the registration desk met everyone that attended the conference! Personally, I got to introduce myself to some librarians that were hiring. And it was easy!

    Gordon Turner OR7 and Candise Branum OR8 (and Sue Kunda OR6) coordinated showcases (posters sessions). Another great way to get involved!

    Altogether the participation by SLIM students in this conference is quite impressive. Good going to everyone!

  2. OH! Michael Braun Hamilton OR8 was the technology master setting everyone up with their needed technology at the conference. Also, the website he has been working on for Oregon Reads 2009 was mentioned during the second day’s lunch.

    I hope I didn’t forget anyone else!

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