Next SCALA Brown Bag Lunch Speaker: Oregon Health Go Local

For our next brown bag lunch speaker we are pleased to welcome Emily Ford, the Oregon Health Go Local Project Manager. This project is being coordinated by the Oregon Health & Science University Library. Emily Ford is an MLS librarian and you may have seen her in the Oregon Health Go Local project booth at the recent

OLA/WLA conference.

“Oregon Health Go Local will be an online directory of health services and providers throughout the state. As

part of MedlinePlus Go Local, the Oregon Health Go Local database will be integrated with the National

Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus database. From MedlinePlus health topics pages users will be able to

find health services and providers in Oregon based on specific health topics.”

Come learn more about this grant funded project. Emily Ford will speak about what the project is, why

it is being done and how you can become involved as a volunteer. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with a local librarian and learn about a truly unique and exciting project.

When: Saturday June, 21st 12:15pm

Where: Cramer Hall Room 250 on the PSU campus

See you there!

Author: esuscalaor

Enhance the professional development of students in the Emporia School of Library and Information Management - Oregon Cohort by supporting collaborative relationships with the professional community.

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