Report on Northwest Archivists Conference

This year’s Northwest Archivists Conference New Frontiers in Archives and Records Management was held at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska at the end of May.   The sessions were on a variety of topics, ranging from usability studies to minimal processing, managing digital photographs to a discussion about the protocols for Native American archival materials.  Two highlights of the conference included the screening of Eskimo,a classic 1933 film, shot on location near Teller, Alaska, which depicts the daily life of the Inuit people and a session on collections from several Alaskan repositories.

Many attendees took advantage of the long daylight hours to hike in the wooded areas near campus with the hope of spotting a moose or two.  Next year’s conference will be held in Portland, Oregon.

At the conference, it was announced that Robyn Ward (OR-7) had been awarded the Northwest Archivists At-Large Student Scholarship.  Congratulations, Robyn!

Author: Monique Lloyd

I've been writing a blog about my Adventures in Library School for the past two years and in less than six months I'll graduate. It's time to start a new blog, this one about my professional life. Stories are what we are all about whether they are text, pictures, photographs, or spoken words. We are also about sharing those stories. Please join me as I continue the adventure.

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