Infocamp Seattle

A cool upcoming “unconference”:

InfoCamp Seattle 2008 – an “unconference” for anyone interested in user-centered information and design issues.

Infocamp Seattle had almost 100 people participate last year, including students from all over the Pacific Northwest, librarians from universities and public libraries, entrepreneurs, professors, information architects, user experience designers, leaders of local non-profits and businesses, government employees, and more.

The cost for students is only $10 ($50 for professionals; free for volunteers), and the dates/times are September 27-28, 2008 (9am to 5pm on both days, plus an optional social event on Saturday night).  The main web site is

The event was covered by the Silverfish, the UW iSchool’s student newsletter:

And, the ASIS&T Bulletin published a story about InfoCamp too:

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