2008/2009 SLIM-OR SCALA Officer Descriptions

Here they are the 2008/2009 SLIM-OR officer descriptions.  Please see the side bar for specific date/time/location information for the officer election on August 23, 2008.


Official representative of SCALA in Oregon, call meetings of officers, create agenda for meetings, final authority on all group activities, create and publish content to the blog, liaise with: professional organizations, ESU Faculty, Cohorts and Kansas group. Provide cohesion and direction for all other SCALA officers in Oregon. The president approves all financial transactions of SLIM-OR SCALA funds and acts as a signer on the SLIM-OR SCALA business checking account.

Vice President:

The Vice President shall act as President-elect of the Board and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to perform these duties. The Vice-President shall have any other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. The VP is in charge of moderating the SLIM-OR SCALA listserv.


The Secretary shall have overall responsibility for all recordkeeping. The Secretary shall perform, or cause to be performed, the following duties: (a) official recording of the minutes of all proceedings of the Board of Directors and members’ meetings and actions; (b) provision of notice of all meetings of the Board of Directors and members; (c) authentication of the records of the corporation; (d) maintaining current and accurate membership lists; (e) and any other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. The secretary will be in contact with the webmasters to get information uploaded to the blog so that SCALA members have easy access to the records.


The Treasurer shall have overall responsibility for all corporate funds. The Treasurer shall perform, or cause to be performed, the following duties: (a) keeping of full and accurate accounts of all financial records of the corporation; (b) deposit of all monies and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the corporation in such depositories as may be designated by the Board of Directors; (c) disbursement of all funds when proper to do so; (d) making financial reports as to the financial condition of the corporation to the Board of Directors; (e) and any other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Events Coordinator:

The events coordinator is responsible for facilitating all SLIM-OR SCALA social events. The events coordinator will act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and SLIM-OR SCALA members for the planning and execution of all aspects related to social events.

Web Manager:

The Web Manager is responsible for design, maintenance and upkeep of the SLIM-OR SCALA web presence, including the blog, the internal collaboration wiki and any other web services SLIM-OR SCALA may use (e.g. Flickr, Del.icio.us, LibraryThing, etc.) While not primarily responsible for web content, the web manager will work with the Communications Officer and any other collaborators to facilitate the production of regular content for the SLIM-OR SCALA blog.

Communications Officer:

The Communications officer will manage the content of the SLIM-OR SCALA blog and will create the SLIM-OR SCALA newsletter. This officer will promote SCALA to the Oregon cohort and possibly other distance cohorts. Other responsibilities include; managing all public relations, including member feedback, writing press releases and spearheading campaigns to increase active members of the group.

Author: esuscalaor

Enhance the professional development of students in the Emporia School of Library and Information Management - Oregon Cohort by supporting collaborative relationships with the professional community.

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