Election Results

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our annual meeting and participated in the officer election. It was great to see an enthusiastic group of new (and returning) members and we have a great group of new officers to help lead us through the new year.

2008-09 officers will be:

  • President – Michael Braun Hamilton (OR8)
  • Vice President – Zoe Fisher (OR9)
  • Secretary – Pinn Crawford (OR8)
  • Treasurer – Shannon Mahoney (OR9)
  • Events Coordinator – Candise Branum (OR8)
  • Web Manager – Laureen Burger (OR9)
  • Communications Officer – Eura Ryan (OR9)

A big round of virtual applause to our new officers!

Sometime in the next few days I will be sending out a more comprehensive introduction to our SCALA group and outline some of what I hope to do in the upcoming year. I hope that all of you will be a part of making this organization a vital, fun, and useful part of the SLIM-OR program.


Michael Braun Hamilton

SLIM-OR SCALA President (elect)

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