Ground Kontrol Get Together!

Sure, we all go to classes together and learn about libraries, knowledge management, the information transfer cycle, and so many other interesting areas of library and information science, but wouldn’t it be nice to get to know each other in a more laid back atmosphere? That’s why SCALA is hosting a get together at Ground Kontrol. Let’s play some games, beat each other at pinball, and get to know each other.

After OR-11’s class on October 23, we’ll be at Ground Kontrol from 7-10.

Please RSVP to Or just show up. I’ll be there, getting another high score in Dr. Mario!

Ground Kontrol is located at 511 NW Couch in Chinatown. It’s right off of the green and yellow MAX lines. Please remember to bring your ID (no minors) and dollars for the change machine.

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