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What We Love About Library School and Libraries, Part 1

Valentine’s Day was Monday and it’s got me in the mood for love…of libraries. I want to make this a week of library love on the blog, so I asked the SCALA board and the current two cohorts what they love about library school and libraries. This is what they had to say:

“The smell of old books, the soft click of a mac book, and work worth waking up for.”
Rachel Arkoosh (SCALA Secretary, OR 11)

I love library school because not only am I learning but it gives me many opportunities to research, network, participate in conferences, practice innovation, be creative, and discover.  I love libraries because they represent the definition of community within education.”
-Kirsten Himes (SCALA Co-Vice President, OR 10)

“Library school has given me a direction in life. Every project I work on, every paper I write, every discussion I participate is guiding me in my career and helping me grow. I want to be a librarian because I love libraries. I love the opportunities the provide to people who might not have a lot of resources. I love the face on children when they find the book they want to read over and over again. Libraries are amazing community resources and I am glad to be a part of that.”
-Rebecca Chernay (SCALA Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator, OR 10)


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