Meet your Officers: Maggie Chamberlin, Treasurer

In an attempt to unify my personal and professional lives, I have chosen to study library and information management with, an emphasis in archives.  Since graduating from the Tacoma School of the Arts in Tacoma, WA in 2004, I have gone from prospective artist, to student who studies art and history, and now to student who (will hopefully someday) manage said art and artifacts.  Over the past seven years I have moved and studied and worked in order to get where I am today, and am looking forward to the years to come.

As an undergraduate at the University of Montana, I studied Visual Art, History, and Art History.  I began my career in libraries and archives at the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library as a Circulation Assistant.  After graduating in 2010, I moved back to Washington with my boyfriend (soon to be husband this coming December!) and began working for Seattle Public Schools as a Library Assistant.  Due to budget cuts I lost this position last June, but have been happily volunteering at the National Archives in Seattle for the past 4 months (if you know of/or have a library job available send it my way! No joke.)  In my position as genealogical aid at the N.A.R.A I assist genealogical researchers, providing them with information about records and about genealogy search processes, and help them use equipment, and perform research projects.

I love the work I do at N.A.R.A!  Genealogy is one of my passions, and using my knowledge and experience to help others is very rewarding.  Aside from doing genealogy, I spend my free time with family (which includes my fiancé David, and our two cats Noah, and Olive).  Some of my favorite past times are bread baking, doing yoga, playing board games, listening to music (which has, since iTunes came into being, gotten completely out of control) drinking earl grey, and reading novels (when I can squeeze them in between text books).

I am so looking forward to working with SCALA this year, and hope to use this opportunity to connect with my cohorts and community.

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