Meet your Officers: Paul Naxer, Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator

I grew up in northeast Ohio and graduated from the University of Akron in 2007 with a degree in music history and literature. Being involved with all the music programs in high school made this seem like the prefect fit for me. I was rather burned out after my degree and decided to pursue information technology, one of my other personal interests. After studying and working in information technology for several years, I found it was not the correct field for me and spent some time thinking about what to do next. My wife Meghan suggested I study library science and I was rather surprised, but felt it suited my personality and preferences in work style well enough that I ought to give it a chance. I was relieved to find an ALA accredited program in Oregon and signed up with Emporia. I look forward to learning and growing into a person and library professional. My long-term idea is to continue studies in music history and work as a music librarian at an academic library.

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