Meet Your Officers: Amanda Meeks, Co-President

“We read to know that we are not alone.” –C.S. Lewis.  Like many of you, I found myself in library school after realizing that I love books and life-long learning.  Everything I am passionate about (community, creativity, compassion, art, reading, helping others) are all integral elements to every library and archives.  That’s why I’m here.

I moved to Portland a little over a year ago from Chicago, IL because I have always wanted to live near the mountains and have more access to nature and outdoor activities.  My dog agrees that this was the best idea in the world and my cat is pretty ambivalent about the whole ordeal.  I went to Illinois State University for my BS in Art Education, spent a year in AmeriCorps teaching and mentoring in a Chicago public school, finished one year of a MFA program in Book and Paper Art at Columbia College Chicago before deciding it wasn’t for me, then spent another year teaching Art and decided I’d be happier as a librarian as much as I adored my students and the school I worked at.  I’ve worked in three libraries since my undergraduate years (currently at the UofO Portland Library and Learning Commons) and have loved every second of these three drastically different jobs.  In my free time, I sew, make books, craft, draw and read.  You can also find me out and about, sampling delicious Portland food, or riding my bicycle to and fro.

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