Meet Your Officers: Kathy Street, Secretary

As a child and teen, libraries were a haven of friendly people, safety and books. They offered escape, adventure and a constant source of information. Years (actually decades) of library use later I accepted a job in my local library and realized the career opportunity that I had been missing all these years. Working at a library I could combine my previous experience in retail and customer service in an environment that I enjoyed and appreciated.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Eastern Oregon University in Liberal Studies with an Anthropology/Sociology minor. I am looking forward to the hybrid program that Emporia offers and getting to know the others in my program. My Home Economics course work from my earlier college days has prepared me for my current position as a Nutritional Education program assistant. For the last year I have been volunteering at the Arlington Public Library offering weekly storytimes for children.  I am passionate about helping parents learn the benefits reading has on early brain development.  I love to create with yarn, textiles and paper and am a 15 year 4-H volunteer leader. Working with youth has been a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to being a youth librarian.

Meeting fellow SLIM OR students and graduates has been great. No matter what cohort they belonged to all have the same high praise of the program. I am looking forward to working with SCALA and helping to provide our cohort with opportunities for fun and networking.

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