Making a plan: Life and Library School

There has been a stunning lack of originality at the SCALA blog lately, so here is my two cents.

My theory on making plans goes something like this; fate laugh’s at plans, have a good idea where you want to go see what happens. I’ve seen it in myself many times; during undergrad I knew I was going to be a music history professor. After that I knew I was going to work in information technology. What am I doing now? Combining some of the things I love with the best people I’ve ever met.

Applying for library school was a very organic process for me. I knew I wanted some direction and a position that was as exciting as it was interesting. Something that would not be boring or esoteric like information technology. I looked for answers from the internet, mentors and others with no luck. I tired changing my life by rejecting the many of the answers society has given us in pursuit of happiness.  My wife mentioned library science one day. The idea sat for a time. We where six months out from moving to where ever her graduate school would be and we already had a lot on our minds. The topic came back up after a few light searches on the internet; this would be right up my alley. Something I could do that covered many of my base skills, benefited the world around me and could quite possibly lead to my happiness. And one was in Eugene’s backyard.

Somewhere, Carol Kuthlthau is smiling.

So far so good. I feel highly dedicated to completing this degree already and confident it will be useful for my life (DOC). With this in mind I have a few ideas to further my education and yours. My thoughts say that if we can make it though the first semester, we can finish this degree. Why not finish this degree with a head start? For fear of planning here are a few ideas on what you can do now.

Setup your online accounts for professionalism and remove embarrassing materials.

Learn how to interview here and here.

I’d like to setup a blog and study one aspect of information science in detail and use it as spring board to publishing. What are your thoughts?

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