Lend a Hand at Library Prom – Between the Stacks

If your attending Library Prom – Between the Stacks, we could use a few items to help make it a success.

If your interested please let us know:  slim or scala at gmail dot com (no spaces)


Item                                                     Have                      Need                         Position Filled?

napkins, plates,


ice x Filled
coolers X Filled
stamp/ink pad x Filled
Props  x Filled
sign for front door x
bottle openers (x 2) X Filled
tape X
cash box for drinks X
cash box for door X
tablecloths X
paper towels x
Platters and bowls for snacks? X Filled
punch bowl (non-alcohol) X
ladle for punch X
balloons x
tip jar X
Bowls for Snacks X Filled

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