Meeting Minutes, January 31st, 2014

Meeting Minutes


Oregon SCALA

Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

January 31st, 2014, 5pm


Members Present:

Gina Bacon, Kim Olsen-Charles, Rose Bosely, Matt Giroux, Jennifer Rogers, Katherine Pitman, Gary Furuyama, Chris Evans, Berenice Prado, Tami Chapman, Jamie Foster, and Pete Schreiner

Discussion Topics:

  • Introductions and role descriptions
  • Last year’s events:
    • Library visits
    • Social events
    • Trivia night fundraiser (about $120)
    • Prom – didn’t happen last year.  No one wanted take on alcohol responsibility required for location.
      • It is historically a popular event in the library community.
      • Space/Food/Drinks/Music
      • Zine library offered their space – having been there, Pete thought it wouldn’t be a great space for prom, but we should keep them in mind for other events
      • Proceeds to OLA or Friends of the Library?
      • Maybe plan for late summer/fall this year?
  • Speakers (during class lunch times)
  • Brainstormed ideas for this year:
    • Survey Library Community?  What do they need from us?
    • Fundraising/Civic Involvement
      • Book drive for Oregon Women’s Correctional Facility – Kim has a contact there
      • 50/50 Raffle
      • Grant Opportunities?  Library community to apply for SCALA man-power/fundraising proceeds
        • Need to prove ourselves first
  • Create a network of ESU alumni in the area
    • Kim has spoken to Perri about this project – need to create database
    • Combine networking with civic efforts
  • Networking with WLA student groups?
  • Social Events – OR 14 survey indicated students are very interested in social events.
    • Possible monthly happy hour in Portland?

Action Items:

  • Focus for this term will be a bookdrive benefiting Oregon Women’s Correction Facility
    • Kim will get book guidelines from librarian
    • Drive to last 1-2 months
    • Happy hour kickoff event – invite library community
    • Need to keep good records of books/donations received – receipts? Also a location to store donations received
    • Ask Perri to put it on the Libs-Or Listserv once we have details.

Next meeting to be held on Friday, February 21st before Oregon 14’s class

Minutes submitted by Jennifer Rogers, Secretary

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