Meeting Minutes, March 21, 2014

Meeting Minutes 

Oregon SCALA

Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

March 21st, 2014, 5pm

Members Present:

Gina Bacon, Matt Giroux, Jennifer Rogers, Katherine Pitman, Gary Furuyama, Chris Evans, Berenice Prado, Tami Chapman, Jamie Foster, and Pete Schreiner

Discussion Topics:

  • Bookdrive: “Liberty Through Literacy”

o   Kickoff Event

  • 6:30pm April 12th at Hubers in downtown Portland
    • Decided against purchases appetizer platters
    • No-host
    • If we don’t fill the area, there is a possibility that Hubers will seat there.
  • Donation bins/jar for $
    • Pete will have a car that night to transport donations to Gina’s basement
  • Raffle?
    • Looking into possible donations of baskets: Whole Foods, Portland Nursery, etc.
  • Take photos for blog/Facebook/etc.

o   Dropoff Locations (please get specific info to Pete ASAP for collateral material)

  • Pete: Newspace (Portland)
  • Gina: Wholefoods (Portland)
  • Katherine (2 locations in Salem)
  • Jamie (south Sound area)

o   Collateral: Pete

  • Poster for kickoff party
  • Handbills about drive (not party) with dropoff locations
  • Include SCALA email address on materials

o   Other advertising

  • OR-LIBS Listserv – Gary and Chris to post details and invite library community

o   Donations

  • Books (keep a count of any received)
    • Paperbacks preferred
    • Popular, recent titles
    • Textbooks
    • Friends of Library could take books that can’t be donated
  • Cash donations
    • Deliberated and decided to accept donations, though the focus should be on books
  • Donation Bins:
    • Create your own for your dropsites (make sure it doesn’t look like a trash can J)

o   Cutoff Date: May 12th.

Action Items:

  • Next meeting: Friday, April 11th.

o   Discuss logistics behind book delivery

  • Keep a count of any donations received

Minutes submitted by Jennifer Rogers, Secretary

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