SCALA Meeting Minutes, April 11th, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Oregon SCALA

 Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

 April 11th, 2014, 5pm

Members Present:

Gina Bacon, Kim Olsen-Charles, Matt Giroux, Jennifer Rogers, Katherine Pitman, Gary Furuyama, Chris Evans, Berenice Prado, Tami Chapman, Jamie Foster, and Pete Schreiner

Discussion Topics:

  • Bookdrive: “Liberty Through Literacy”
    • Kickoff Event
      • 6:30pm April 12th at Hubers in downtown Portland
        • Youth Correctional facility staff will be present
      • Donation bins/jar for $
        • Berenice to bring jar
        • Pete to bring tape
      • Take photos for blog/Facebook/etc.  – hashtag?
    • Book Storage
      • Gina’s basement in Portland
      • Katherine’s home in Salem
    • Delivery
      • After May 12.  Early June?
      • Reimburse gas for drivers
      • Check with facilities for delivery availability
      • Alert media?
    • Weeding
      • Try to split half/half – let facilities deal with books they cannot use.
    • Donations
      • Keep count of any books received.
    • Cutoff Date: May 12th.

Action Items:

  • Next meeting: Friday, May 30th.
    • SWOT analysis of book drive

Minutes submitted by Jennifer Rogers, Secretary

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