ORSCALA Meeting Minutes, 10/24/14

Meeting Minutes

Oregon SCALA

Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

October 24th, 2014

Members Present:

Jennifer Rogers, Aaron Novinger, Haylee Kai, Anne Keech, Mindy Nichols, Amanda Woods, Sylvie Huhn and Amanda Kundert

Discussion Topics:

  • Doernbecher Book Drive

-We are doing one again in conjunction with Doernbecher Children’s hospital. The material will be for their waiting rooms.

-Looking for materials for materials for adults, children, and teens.

– Amanda Woods has connections through OHSU, will look into putting a donation box in OHSU Paige from cohort 2014 is part of the Student Nursing Association. These are good connections.

– Aaron is going to find out what the books needs are, if they have bookshelves, how many books they currently have etc…

– We should look at the mind frame of the people that are going to be there. How long are they going to be waiting? No classics. Light material. No classics. New arrivals. Colorful. Other languages.

– Haylee a connection with the multilingual Children’s Librarian, will talk with him and get suggestions for titles.

– We want physical books.

-Put this idea up on LIBSOR.

-Put up bins in the libraries.

  • Kickoff Event

-November 22nd

-We need to pick a place.

-Possible Rogue Brewery or Cheerful Tortoise

  • Library Prom

-Semi-formal event at the Q center brings together local librarians.

-Send out a survey to get support from the cohorts.

-The survey should include, “are we interested?” “If it’s not a class weekend, would you go?” “How much would you pay?”

-Vote for a theme. Have a photo booth. Desserts! Mindy will take the lead on setting u the survey

  • Other topics:

-Cohort socials?

– Feminist bookstore “In Other Words” possibly take over their marketing help them out.

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