11/21/14 SCALA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Oregon SCALA

Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

Nov 21st, 2014, 5pm

Members Present:

Jennifer Rogers, Gary Furuyama, Sylvie Huhn, Anne Keech, Amanda Woods, Mindy Nichols, Aaron Novinger (via phone)

Discussion Topics:

  • Bookdrive:
    • Kickoff Event tomorrow at Rogue
      • 5:30pm
      • Bring boxes, wrapping paper, tape, scissors to make donation bins
      • Discuss signage
    • Tour of Doernbecher?
    • Books
      • New or “like new”
      • Kids books, adult books, “light reading”
    • Prom
      • Discussed Survey
        • There is a definite interest, almost all responses were positive
      • Unhosted alcohol
    • Communication
      • Gary brought up using the group Facebook page for communication instead of email
      • We discussed, but there was no real consensus.
      • Jennifer will attempt to try using it more frequently.

Action Items:

  • Aaron to create guidelines for book drive and email to officers
  • Jennifer to call Q Center and find out about prom dates
  • Next meeting: January TBD
    • Prom Meeting

Minutes submitted by Jennifer Rogers, President

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