Prom Committee Minutes 1/11/15

Review of Prom Survey

-Acknowledge the OCLC requirements for an event

-Acknowledge the idea of eventually using it to fund other avenues of fund raising

Q Center and Prom Ideas

– The costs are less than we were anticipating

-Remember working with us, and would love to work with us again

– Sending out a survey to the library community to pick a theme- us libsor

– OLA is in mid-April

-Marketing committee to solicit ideas for themes and how to implement

-May 16th as a possible date, people won’t have homework- we have decided this from 7-10

– Photo booth situation

– Okay with alcohol and outside food, catered or homemade

– have to be involved in set up clean up- ask about the time frame for those


– $50 for the form

– Hire OLCC certified server

– 2 “substantial” items if serving wine and beer, 3 options if serving hard alcohol. Substantial+ main dish like pizza or sandwiches

– Using the middle-eastern food, same place as before


– possible DJ benefits- cheaper, quieter, different music

– get people to submit songs, we play on it on a device, and mix it ourselves, Q center has a music center to play from

– Semi-formal to formal

-Take turns doing photo booth

– Think about who we know, and what we can do for non-profit

– costs, waiting until we get full costs to provide the cost of tickets

-Letter press printing or post cards or posters- Anne

– Fake tattoos as a party favor- Amanda W

Committee Structure

– Bake Sale, Post Cards

– Marketing – create posters, coordinate effort, set up Facebook Group (Amanda W, Gary, Amanda K)

– Fundraising (Powell’s)- restaurants for food- t-shirts (Amanda, Jennifer)

– Food/ Beverage Committee- find out who we are working with, get and bring kegs, get cups and plates and such ( Shaylyn, Gabby)

– Decoration/ Details Committee- (SCALA colors are Blue and Silver) (Anne, Haylee, Sylvie, Mindy)

Class Weekends for OR 14- Feb 27-28 and April 10-11

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