SCALA Meeting Minutes 2/20/15

Meeting Minutes

Oregon SCALA

Portland State University Library, Room 160

February 20th, 2015

Members Present

Jennifer Rogers, Haylee Kai, Anne Keech, Mindy Nichols, Amanda Woods, Sylvie Huhn, and Amanda Kundert

Discussion Topics

  • Library Prom

– SCALA colors: blue and silver

-Perri has some decorations and things that are these colors

-Mindy is looking into reusing table centerpieces from her wedding that are also these colors

– Mindy’s fiancé used to DJ for school dances, will ask him if he is willing

– Amanda K- DJ Dirty Molly, will also ask her

-Set up a Google Doc request for songs at the dance

-Nicole’s mom is making cookies she decorates them with designs: book worms, books etc…

  • Financing and Fundraising

-Jennifer and Nicole are going to the Mississippi Business Association to feel out donations

-cost of venue is $330 with the library photo booth

-charge for beer

-Nicole sent out an e-mail with about the beverages

-Haylee will research wine options, one case of red, one case of white

-Pony of cider- see if anyone we know has OLCC license and will do it for free or cheap

– Trivia Night- set up an event, invite everyone, In Other Words, Base Camp Brewery what would this look like?

– What about t-shirt? Amanda K has connections in this. Would pre-orders work?

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