SCALA Meeting Minutes 3/20

  • Meeting MinutesOregon SCALA Prom

    Portland State University Library, Room 160

    March 20th, 2015 Members Present

    Jennifer Rogers, Haylee Kai, Anne Keech, Mindy Nichols, Amanda Woods, Sylvie Huhn, Amanda Kundert, Aaron Novinger,

    Discussion Topics

  • $10 ticket sales prices $15 at the door—sponsor ticket—event bright
  • Hold off on doing food stuff until about a month before to gage numbers, and see where the interest is at, around mid-April—Sharalyn and to work on food
  • Put out on LIBS-OR— to draw in people outside of SCALA
  • Anne and Haylee work together to discuss the trivia night
  • Haylee and Sylvie will work on marketing materials
  • Charging for alcohol—Hefe and IPA
  • Johnathan—from PSU library with OLCC license—Anne’s connection
  • Amanda– doing the music – when people buy tickets add music – add to the facebook event
  • Tripod from Aaron and remote
  • Library checkout cards as the hand out papers for the
  • Yes on the centerpieces from Mindy – to borrow
  • April 10th at 5pm, SCALA prom meeting
  • Aaron has a cashbox

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