SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting 2/25/2017

SCALA Meeting Notes – Saturday, February 25, 2017

In attendance: Celeste Bennett, Carina Bernard, Cassandra Dunn, Jessie Duplessis, Rachel Fellman, Barbara Fischer, John Forshew, Sean Gaston, Alex Halpern, Katie Patterson, Sheila Shapiro, Lynne Stahl, Kat Temple, and Esther ZenZele.

Funds: $144

Book Drive/Trivia Night Saturday April 15th 7-9 PM

Location: Black Water Bar 835 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232

Donation Drop-off: Hair of the Dog 1211 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211 (Katie’s work)

Esther’s concerned about prizes and wants people to be thinking about it and looking for resources

Jessie can get coupons from New Renaissance for consolation prize and possibly a gift certificate from the café she used to manage.

KBOO promotion was discussed, we need update from Sylvia

Flier needs to be worked on by Shaleigh and/or Devon once all the details are finalized

April 1st will be kick off for donations at drop site(s)

Kat + Alex will write questions; categories discussed were “current events”, “pop culture” and “Portland” – please forward them any ideas you have for questions and/or categories

Intellectual Freedom Seminar

The SCALA chapter in Emporia wanted to know if we would be interested in attending a seminar discussing Intellectual Freedom

It would probably be via Zoom or the like, but the person who will be presenting is local, so we might be able to see it IRL

We’ll get an update when there’s more information available.

Google Group Creation

We discussed creating a google group for communication (UPDATE: I went ahead and did it)

Future Meetings

Discussed possibly meeting via Zoom after our in-person classes end

Other Projects

Alex offered to draft a letter of support and will post it to the Dropbox for review

Esther curios if we are interested in going to conferences or participating in events and writing blog posts about our experience

Possible trivia night during banned books week in Sept was discussed

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