2018 Emporia State University SLIM Graduating Class

#1 ESU SLIM 2017 Cohorts Graduation Pic

Top (back) row from left to right– Devon Bergeron, Esther Zen-Zele, Celeste Bennett, Shaleigh Westphall, Lynne Stahl, Katie Patterson, Sylvia Podwika, Alexander Halpern, Katlyn Lachesis Temple, Kelley Mitchell, Robert Kohl, and Windy Barrett.

Second row form left to right- Jennifer Belle, Barbara Fischer, Carina Bernard, Rebecca Lazan, Jaime Bogdash, Jessiemarie Duplessis, and Nicholas Alden.

Front row from left to right- Susan O’Connor, Malia Cumming, and Jessica Marian Talisman.

Graduates not pictured- Rachel Fellman, Sean Gaston, Twila Johnson-Tate, Sheila Shapiro, Steven Valdez.

Also present- Dr. Wooseob Jeong, Dean, School of Library & Information Management, Emporia State University, and Pierina Parise, Director, Oregon Emporia State University MLS School of Library and Information Management (SLIM).

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