SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting November 3, 2018

Tour of makerspaces in Oregon

  • 2 possible locations (Hillsboro and Rockwood) also Maker Librarian in Vancouver, WA
  • Before New Years
    • Tentative date set for December 14th/15th
    • Planning on inviting others once date is set and we find out how many people are allowed to go at once
  • Possibly live stream the Maker’s Tour for people who can’t be there?
  • Talked about staff turnover with Maker Spaces
  • Where are the Maker spaces, how close together are they?
    • Google Doc to address these questions
    • Stick with public libraries for now
    • OMSI Maker Fair, OSU craft shop

Possible fundraiser event

  • Lagunitas community room (237 NE BROADWAY, SUITE 300, PORTLAND, OR 97232), a nonprofit group who wants to help people fundraise
    • We could charge for tickets, alcohol
    • Would need to do outreach
    • Possibly have trivia

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