SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting September 22, 2018


  • Talked about previous cohort experiences
    • Portland Children’s Book bank, Trivia Night, Panel (public service, advocacy, professional development, résumé/mock interview)
  • Survey to see which events we want to do
    • Event times are voted on, usu. During class weekend
  • Possible events
    • Fundraiser- alumni, program or more open?
      • Contribute money for burned library in Brazil
    • State Library tour/walk-through
      • Salem or Olympia?
      • Coordinate with someone there
    • SCALA bar event
    • Libserve for SCALA
    • Maker’s space crawl around the state
      • Hillsboro
      • Rockwood
      • Corvallis
    • Virtual tour/webinar (themed)
      • Local writer
      • Library panel (academic)
    • Volunteer event
      • Send ideas to Elliot
    • Network Happy Hour

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