SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, February 2, 2019

Members Present: Alyssa Collins, Jennifer Wells, Forrest Johnson, Blake Kincaid, Lynne Halladay, Amy Stewart, Johnathan Ulrich, Keegan Spring

  • What do we have time the time/capacity to do this semester?
    • Forrest had concerns about 804 class
    • Asking if Michael (professor) could put together a back-of-the-office panel during class weekend
  • Encourage more students to submit photos/write ups about their experiences related to libraries/library conferences for the SCALA website
  • Ideas for events to do
    • Trivia and/or drinks after class on Saturday
      • Post announcements about them to the Facebook page about a month in advance
    • Merchandise to raise money for SCALA
      • T-shirts
      • Stickers
      • Taglines
  • We are just going to start with Happy Hours this semester
  • Want to define job titles for current and future SCALA members
    • Right now everything is vague
    • Reach out to current and past members to ask for advice about what each role should be
  • Plan to have SCALA meeting every class Saturday

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