SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, March 30, 2019

Members Present: Lynne, Forrest, Blake, Amy, Johnathan, Jennifer, Christopher, Jordan

  • Talked about looking at Pathfinder and deciding if what is currently on there is okay for everyone or if there are any suggestions
    • Want to provide an option of structure for the next cohort in the fall
    • How SCALA will move into the next year, how involved we will be?
  • Idea of having a fundraiser event
    • Maybe use the money to fund a scholarship for Oregon cohort students?
    • Would need a faculty involved in the process if we did that
  • Plan a celebration for Perri (since she is retiring in August)
    • Perri doesn’t want it to be all about her/have her as the cause
    • Thinking maybe donations
      • 2 possible locations: Lagunitas Bar or Lucky Lab
      • Want to have either just donations or a one-time fee
      • Would be during a weekend, probably a class weekend?
      • Have some fun activities
      • Maybe ask people to bring/ tell stories about Perri
        • Would have to get her permission for this first

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