SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, June 15, 2019


  • Cramer Hall, Portland State University

Members Present

  • Forrest Johnson – President
  • Blake Kincaid – Vice President
  • Lynne Halladay – Secretary
  • Jonathan Ulrich – Treasurer
  • Keegan Spring – Event Coordination Committee
  • Amy Stewart – Event Coordination Committee
  • Jennifer Wells – Social Media Committee Chair

Reports from Officers & Committees

  • Still need to figure out date for Perri’s goodbye
    • Saturday August 24th or Friday August 23rd
  • Location still needs to be decided
    • Lucky Lab on Hawthorne
      • 60 people max in smaller room
      • Costs $150-$200
    • Old Town Pizza
      • Cost $10 per person at least 12 people minimum
  • Open up Doodle Pool to everyone?
    • At least the last two cohorts
    • Invite dean?
    • Find an alum?
    • Libsorg
  • Where did Perri want the books to go to?
    • Bring one book as cover charge/entry fee
  • Need to have time and place nailed down by the end of June.
  • RSVP so we have a general head count
    • Amy- booking place
    • Forrest- send libsorg
    • Blake- ask Perri which non-profit to donate books to
    • Jennifer- set time and date
    • Keegan and Lynne- big card and flowers/ gift ideas for Perri

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