Meeting Minutes: July 26, 2009

SLIM-OR SCALA Officers Meetings 07/26/09

Scribe: Ryan

1. Financial Report.
a. Current balance: 605.89. However, Michael is owed $115.50 for money used the t-shirt fundraiser. Once that expense is paid out, our balance will be $490.39.
b. New fiscal year started in July. Soon we need to begin thinking about taxes because they’ll be due in the fall. Primary concern with this matter is finding someone knowledgeable enough to complete the forms for us.

2. T-Shirt Fundraising Recap
a. Financially, a great success.
b. Design and color wise, some of the color shirts didn’t allow the design to be legible. Next time we’ll select the colors in advance to ensure quality.
c. Two shirts are left over.
d. Another t-shirt fundraiser next year? Contest for a slogan/graphic? Most likely.

3. Prom Recap
a. Financially we came out ahead and good times were had.
b. Lessons learned: Next time find someplace with AC and locate a smaller space. Perhaps a basement?

4. Next major event?
a. Winter ball? Valentines Day event? Note: Since classes no longer occur on Sundays, Saturday events will be easier to be held.

5. Summer Party.
a. Occurring Saturday, Aug 29th. Planned to coincide with incoming cohort having class that weekend.
b. Matt Stefanik has graciously offered the use of his house.
c. Type of event: BBQ/potluck. Details will be hammered out over email.

6. Elections
a. When: During lunch on the first weekend of class on Aug 29th.
b. Outgoing officers and open positions: Michael, Pinn and Candise are graduating and vacating their positions. However, all positions will be open for election.
c. Zoe will develop handout explaining officer positions and duties.
d. Changing/collapsing officer positions? Will be discussed over email.

7. Promoting club involvement with non-officers
a. Discussed possibility of creating special committees in the future to delegate duties. Ex. Party planning committee, etc.

8. Next meeting
a. Next officer meeting in September. Most likely during 2nd weekend of 801.

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