Meeting Minutes: August 29, 2009

August 29th, 2009 Meeting Minutes

  1. Officers voted on new officer descriptions and changes: unanimously voted to adopted changes.
  2. President called meeting to order
    1. New members enrolled
    2. Current officers introduced
    3. Mission of organization explained to new members
  3. Financial report
    1. $600.13 in bank. The previous August club balance was $100.
  4. Election held
    1. Officer descriptions announced
    2. Nominations
    3. President: Zoe Fisher nominated
    4. Vice President: Turner Masland nominated
    5. Secretary: Ryan Blackmore nominated
    6. Treasure: Alison Wilbur nominate
    7. Events Coordinator: Jennifer Keyser nominate
    8. Opportunity to create a new position:  Alison and Eura suggested a liaison position for distance learning students to represent their interests. Discussion: Meant to address issues/concerns with PSU facilities. Dean’s representatives do not effectively represent distant learning students. Also would work to make connection with other distance learning programs.
    9. Eura Ryan nominate
    10. Election results finalized. Unanimous election of all nominated
    11. Meeting adjourned
  5. Officer meeting:
    1. September 26th next SCALA meeting.
    2. Need to switch over bank from Chase to new bank.
    3. Concern: setting up account so treasurer can have access to account
    4. Suggested banks: Advantace, On Point or Albina Community Bank
    5. Meeting adjourned

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