Meeting Minutes: October 24, 2009

  1. Meeting Called to Order – Zoe, Eura, Ryan, Turner and Jennifer
  2. Treasurer Nominations
    1. Browyn Dorhofer for the win – majority vote.
    2. On Sunday Ryan will contact applicants.
  3. Bank Account
    1. Zoe went with Michael and Perri. Minutes have to be signed authorizing the change. Suggestion: make Perri the signer on the account to prevent future switchover issue. All in agreement that this should be done. Ryan will print and sign a copy minutes to endorse decision.
  4. Fundraising and designs:
    1. Voting on designs:
    2. Sense Maker (sticker) and Ask (button, white with black text, all caps,) – unanimous
    3. Consolation to Jim for his design, just too cheeky
  5. Saturday – Ground Kontrol: Will make announcements in class. At 7. 5th and couch.
  6. Speaker –  On 21st. Turner will find a classroom for it to be held.
  7. Group Tours
    1. On 7th or 14th. Need to work out specific event. Turner and Jennifer will contact their prospective tour places.
  8. General discussion
    1. Involving OR10
  9. Meeting adjourned

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