Meeting Minutes: September 26, 2009

  1. Meeting called to order. Present: Zoe, Turner, Jennifer, Ryan and Michael.
  2. Discussion re liaison officer description.
    a. The Liaison Officer shall represent the Board of Directors and SLIM-OR SCALA members to outside entities and/or persons. Duties include: (a) Soliciting the concerns and opinions of SLIM-OR SCALA members regarding distance learning conditions and facilitates; (b) addressing those concerns and opinions to appropriate ESU distance learning administration; (c) establishing relationships with sister ESU SCALA clubs and extramural distance learning students currently enrolled in MLIS
    b. Vote: accepted unanimously. Congratulations Eura!
  3. Treasurer needed:
    a. Email to be sent out to list serve. Ryan will draft, zoe will approve.
    b. Terner and Jennifer requested to make announcement during current class weekend.
    c. Nominations can be done via email or in person.
    d. Board of directors will vote on 10/24 at 12:15 Smith Hall
  4. Fundraising
    a. Last year: tshirts based on suggestions, then poll, then orders.
    b. This year: Zoe suggests stickers. Terner suggests buttons. Club has decided to sell both.
    c. An email soliciting slogans and designs will be sent out.
    d.Deadline for submissions will be 10/24 so the Board can select the winning design or slogan.
    e. Need to locate sticker and button maker. By next meeting, Terner will come with quotes from 3 companies.
    f. Deadline for completion: By November 21st, so they can be sold in class.
  5. Speakers, tours and social events
    a. Zoe suggests that we shouldn’t have a speaker on the October 24th but should on November 21st
    i. Terner suggests: Nell Colburn (sp?) on Caldecott Community and Steven with Newbury.
    ii. Jennifer: someone from Oregon Historical Society
    iii. Michael: Suggests head of outreach at MCL.
    iv. Proposed speakers will be contacted to inquire about their interest and availability
    b. Tours:
    i. Ryan suggests: A community college library.
    ii. Terner suggests: PNCA library.
    iii. Zoe suggests: Concordia library (new, big with swanky new terminology).
    iv. Michael suggests: U of O center in Portland.
    v. Date: Shoot for November 7th or 14th.
    vi. Zoe and Terner will contact their prospective tour locations.
    c. Social Events:
    i. Zoe suggests: a get together at her place.
    ii. Terner suggests: during a class weekend.
    iii. Other suggestions: Bowling? Mini golf? Roller skating? Ice Skating? Ground Kontrol?
    iv. Decision: Oct 24th at Ground Kontrol. Need to look into if Ground Kontrol has any events going on that date that would conflict.
  6. Unresolved concerns:
    i. Bank accounts – Need to transfer account from Michael to someone else. Need to transfer bank account.
    ii. SCALA and ALA – need to sort this out at next meeting.
  7. Meeting adjourned.

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