Meeting Minutes: January 30, 2010

1. Meeting Called

 2. Present Zoe, Browwyn, Turner, Ryan and Jennifer. Student: Chris

 3. Fundraising and Merch: a. Buttons: distributed to sell. $1 eaches. $27 for 100 ASK buttons. b. Stickers: $40 for 100 stickers c. Zoe will write cheque for herself and have Perri sign it.

4. Finances: a. Checking account: $625.14 minus $67 for merch. b. Discrepancy – previous report said $650 (#?). Why? But we’re not too concerned. But we need to look at previous statements to see what happened. c. Solid cash stockpile for prom

5. Event – Tour or speaker a. Turner: PNCA – head super stoked to show it off. Need to find a date and time. i. Zoe: Weekend preferred. Sunday. ii. Turner: Advocates for March. Others concur but March has many LIS events. iii. April? Easter is April 4th 1. We’ll ask for 4/11 or 4/18 for the tour. iv. Time: 11AM? b. Speaker for Spring – Not this time i. Zoe: things having 2 or 3 things, plus selling something is a good model.

6. Prom: a. Venue: i. Turner: Q Centre: likes the idea. Renovated warehouse, near Mississippi. 1. Zoe: $10s of dollar an hour, plus app and deposit? 2. Alcohol policy? Alcohol Deposit? Alcohol, we’re not fully committed to it. 3. We’ll put in an app to see if they’re available in May ii. Zoe: laces crazy expensive, usually hundreds an hour. Liberty Hall was dirt cheap but poor ventilation. iii. Brownwyn: Venue at PSU? b. Date: Depends on the venue. c. Theme – ? i. Turner: library is a theme itself. Zoe agrees. Ryan agrees. d. Paying: i. Zoe: Pay in advance? ii. Unanimous: $5 in advance. $7 at the door. Per person, no couple price. e. Dj: Amber f. Attendees i. Who’s included? Everyone in LIS community. g. Prom committee: i. Decorations ii. Food iii. Marketing iv.

Meeting: next Sunday (Feb 7th) at Zoe’s house at 11 or 12. Or Sat lunch meeting – Jennifer will get back to us.

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