Meeting Minutes: July 20th, 2012

SCALA Minutes 7/20/12

Attendance: Paul Naxer, Rachel Akroosh, Brianna Hoffman, Amy Frazier

  1. Prom Recap
    1. Pros/Cons

i.     Lots of time

ii.     Lots of money

iii.     Low Attendance

  1. More of an End of Year Tradition
  2. Liquor License/Paperwork

i.     With the Money

  1. Venue

i.     Less formalized in the future?

  1. Do we want to do it at all?
  1. Fundraising
    1. Trivia was a great success

i.     Could be a once a semester event

ii.     Could create a new tradition

  1. Interlibrary Lush

i.     Social gathering for librarians

  1. More social than a fundraiser
  1. Elections
    1. Saturday, 9/7/12 at Noon

i.     Brianna will send email to OR12 about Elections

  1. During OR13’s 801 Saturday
  2. Positions Needed

i.     Big Four: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

ii.     Any others? Tell Rachel

  1. “Notebook of Power”

i.     Kathy Street in possession?

ii.     Has bi-laws for specific positions needed

  1. OR13 Orientation

i.     Make announcement for SCALA Positions

ii.     Invite OR13 to elections – and to run for positions

  1. Meetings

i.     SCALA Meetings will be held on OR13’s class weekends

    1. Tradition for outgoing Cohort to welcome the new Cohort
    2. Rachel to send Email about BBQ
  1. Advice
    1. Rachel Recommends NOT incorporating our SCALA Chapter

i.     We have NO plans to do so

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