Meeting Minutes: November 18, 2011



November 18, 2011


Present: Kathy Street, Kristin Wirtz, Paul Naxer, Brianna Hoffman, Carolyne Begin, Amy Frazier, Karen Semprevino, Maggie Chamberlin, Rachel Arkoosh, Christy Davis


               I.     Speakers Update

Amy updated us on speakers. Katie Anderson will come Saturday, January 21 at lunch break and is willing to speak about any library topic. Paul will put a poll on Facebook and Blog for ideas.


             II.     Tour Results


The tour poll placed a Nike Tour as the most requested and the Experience Music Project next. Kathy will contact Nike and Carolyne will contact EMP.


           III.     Money


Maggie tallied the money on hand and the balance is $412.82.  We will need a way to make money without spending any. The prom last year cost approximately $500.                                   

           IV.     Prom Committee

Amy Frazier volunteered to be chair for the prom committee. Paul volunteered to work                            on promoting prom. Locations were discussed. Food, decorations, theme and prices will               need to be addressed by committee.


             V.     Fundraising Ideas

Maggie suggested Library Trivia Night. Carolyne suggested contacting Shamrock a                        Trivia Jockey. Maggie and Brianna volunteered to help.


Next Meeting Friday January 20th 5:30 pm, Smith Student Center Cafeteria


Minutes prepared and submitted by

Kathy Street

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