Meeting Minutes: September 23rd, 2011



September 23, 2011



Present: Alyssa, Amanda, Rachel Arkoosh, Carolyne Begin, Amy Frazier, Paul Naxer, Sarah hardy, Brianna Hoffman, Maggie Chamberlin, Kate Perry, Kathleen Feduccia, Kathy Street, Christy Davis, Sam Lohmann, Lottie Duey, Kristen Wirtz


  1. I. Co-President

Rachel proposed Amanda as co-president, met with no objections.


  1. II. Events/Fundraising


Tour Ideas: Nike Library

Vancouver Community Library Spring

Experience Music Project


It was suggested to survey cohorts to determine site for tour. Paul will set up question on SCALA Facebook page.


Social Event:

Several ideas were discussed and bowling was chosen for a social gathering October 22, 2011. Amy Frazier will locate a venue.


Fundraising Ideas:

Fundraising for Librarian Prom was discussed; the goal is to raise $200. The leftover items from last year are now priced at $10 shirts and $5 bags. New ideas are:



“etsy” type sale/shop



Everyone is encouraged to contribute guest posts to the SCALA blog.

Next Meeting Friday November 18, 2011, Smith Student Center Cafeteria

Agenda items:




New Year


Minutes prepared and submitted by

Kathy Street

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