Meeting Minutes: April 2, 2011

SCALA meeting minutes  for 4/2/11

Officers present: Jennifer Keyser, Nyssa Walsh, Kirsten Himes, Rebecca Chernay Amanda Meeks, Thea Evenstad, Amy Reylea

Minutes taken by Nyssa

Upcoming events:

4/16 presentation during Saturday class, Cindy Romaine from SLA and others from ORSLA. Theme: Future Ready

-Becca tweeting the event

4/21 Fundraiser for librarian prom with Interlibrary Lush at the Red Fox

-still need to confirm

4/29 Haiku Hotties

-need a blurb

5/13 Librarian Prom

Announcements and check-ins:

Twitter:  More followers, following a lot

Jenn connecting with other student groups


Bulk order to bring to OLA or other events

Thea wearing a button about librarian prom

Amy getting $115 to Jenn for initial order

Donations are great, can go through my PayPal account

Nyssa-check sales and numbers for tshirts

Considering selling t-shirts at conferences and Interlibrary Lush event

Kirsten suggested the Information Literacy Summit-only $20 at PCC

Money: $308 but there may be some other checks that need to be cashed, Amy double-checking

Haiku Hotties

Thea, Nyssa, Jenn, Rachel, one other?

Theme: librarians of the future

Blurb: We are the student chapter of the American library association, students from Emporia State University, in the satellite program of Portland. We are the future of libraries. Events for students, networking with the library community, professional development for future librarians.

Send out rough, allow others to critique, edit, etc.

Librarian Prom

Amanda working on a flyer, need to get the word out

Amanda will send out the flyer as a PDF, we are all going to post, distribute and help with advertising.

Alyssa working on alcohol license, Thea following up to make sure it gets completed

Alcohol being sold, to pay for the alcohol, and a small profit

Budget: under $100

Can’t afford catering, talking about cheap options: Thea has connection to Organic Oregon, that make donations of fruits and veggies, then also getting baguettes and spread. Hot food considered not practical

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