Meeting Minutes: April 4, 2009

SLIM–OR SCALA Officers Meeting 04/04/09

Attending Members: Michael Braun Hamilton, Zoe Fisher, Ryan Blackmore, Alison Wilbur, and Eura Ryan

Scribe: Eura Ryan

1) Financial Report
a) Alison has deposited checks in total of $196 from T-shirts. Our current balance is $396. However there are still some T-shirts that are unpaid.
b) We will have to pay Liberty Hall $110 for deposit and our State of Oregon Corporations Membership fee of $50.00.
c) The T-shirts total cost was $371.75, with a net profit of $166.75.
d) Members voted to write checks for corporation renewal in total of $50.00, all yeas.
e) Members voted to reimburse Michael Hamilton for SCALA guest gift in total of $11.95, all yeas

2) Corporation renewal
a) The renewal form and check for $50.00 are due May 1, 2009, which is SLIM-OR SCALA’s anniversary date. Michael will also check to make sure we don’t have to complete taxes soon.

3) SCALA-Kansas Reorganization
a) SCALA-KS has removed some officers and will vote in new officers soon. This shouldn’t directly affect SLIM-OR. They plan to use us as a model for their organization. For now, we will keep in contact with them and see what happens.
b) We may be able to access money from Emporia, which we are not able to currently do.

4) T-Shirts
a) The T-shirts have been ordered and should be ready April 7th or 8th. The black T-shirts will have to be grey and the American Apparel shirts will cost $2.75 more and $3.75 more for the long-sleeved shirt.
b) Since more money is still due, Eura will send an email and make an announcement in 806 for money. The final date for money will be May 1st. We will also send individual emails to those who haven’t paid to remind them.
c) The T-shirts will be distributed at Prom in a clever and pretty fashion. We will also send the shirts to those who are out of town.

5) Stickers
a) It was decided that we will order the stickers. SLIM and I-school students have shown interest in them and we can provide them to the OR10 students when they arrive.
b) For $45 we can get 250 stickers, black and white, and sell them for $1.00. For a profit of $.82 per sticker. We will also look into picking them up before Prom to save shipping costs.

6) Events
a) Prom
i) Liberty Hall will need to be paid, but they have held May 16th for us. Candise will be given a check to pay the $110.
ii) We can invite other library school students and the tickets will be $10.00 a ticket.
iii) There were several questions concerning prom: confirmation of costs and date, alcohol, DJ, decorations, food or snacks, theme and how much time we will need to set up
iv) Ali has a friend who is a DJ and may do the job for free.
v) We can get some of the decorations from SCRAP. Other ideas are using books as decorations or other library themed decorations, such as ALA Read posters.
vi) We should have a PA either from Candise or Michael’s roommate.
vii) Promotions: We will promote only within the library communities. Flyers for library break rooms throughout MCL and other systems.
b) All other events have been put on hold for the summer. We will look a Reunion or Welcome to SLIM or Graduation BBQ in August. A house party may get more people to attend. This will take place before the 1st SCALA meeting to get more OR10 students involved.
i) We will include Perri in the planning for this so we know the schedule of the OR10 students.

7) Next Meeting
a) No date was set for the next meeting, but it will take place over the internet. We will have an online meeting soon to get more information about prom from Candise.
b) May 15th, 6pm at Michael’s house is a tentative date for a work party to prepare the T-shirts for Prom. We will also check to see if we can decorate Liberty Hall the night before.

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