Meeting Minutes: April 12, 2008

1. Announcements

  • OLA/WLA Joint Conference Volunteering: They will provide us with snacks, but not real food. There is a possibility of getting the scraps from meals, but do not count on it.
  • SCALA Bank Account / Non-Profit Status:
    • Still waiting on the check from Emporia – we shouldn’t really count on it, though.
    • The group voted, and we will donate our own money to pay the non-profit fee. Erica will pay by check, and we will all pay her. Members present ponied up almost enough money to cover costs.

2. Social Events

  • Possible BBQ at Anne’s in May – an end of the term celebration (Spring Break 2008!)
  • T-Shirts: Amy brought fonts for us to look at, and officers chose a font
    • people will need to choose what color of t-shirt they want
    • we need to pick a font color – We may be able to do two colors and just print them in two batches. People can pay extra if they want a different color of font. Amy will find out the price and report back.
    • to look at the colors, check out
  • Speakers: We probably won’t have any speakers in the summer, but will pursue finding speakers for upcoming events anyways.
  • Reed Library Tour: Rachel Bridgewater has offered to set up a tour for us.
  • Other ideas: Possible bike-in movie showing of Party Girl.
    • Annika has access to a projector, Amy has speakers, and Pinn or Anne’s houses may be available. Would be a very easy, fun event for warm weather.
    • We could bake and sell treats for the event.

3. Blog:

  • Please take a look at the goals listed below and pick out a few things you think are tangible to work on. We will discuss further at the next meeting.

4. Communication:

  • Please respond to emails that ask for feedback, even if you don’t have an opinion on the matter. That way we all know that we are being heard…
  • If you have issues with anything about the group, including communication, please talk about it in meetings or with that person. We can’t work out our issues if we don’t bring them up…

5. OR-7 getting close to the end

Some members of OR-8 will need to recruit new members from OR-9, perhaps during the 2nd weekend of classes, as well as having elections.

Next Meeting is June 14th.

SLIM-OR SCALA 2008 GOALS/Things to do


  • A blog post about the OLA conference next week, and other people could add their experiences to it.
  • Sharing my experiences from ALA Anaheim with everyone.
  • Conference Journals – Students reflectively blog about what they do at a conference.
  • More blog submissions
  • A blog theme might be information/experiences with the different certificates (archival studies; information brokering; legal)
  • Focus on the different places librarians can work: urban/rural public libraries, medical libraries, law libraries, or look at different populations one could work with children, teens, elderly, immigrant, ELS, etc. This might be especially helpful to students in the new cohort who know they want to be librarians, but are unaware of what options are out there.
  • Reach out to more students. One way to do that would be to have a “question of the week” and not wait for people to post comments, but ask three to five students to give a one sentence answer and ask if we could post their answers with their names. Then we could invite others to add their answers using the comment function. People might agree to do this because it wouldn’t involve much of their time, it would hopefully “jump start” some others into contributing, and it would be fun. A couple of suggestions: *Which social networking tool do you think is the most useful for libraries and why? *Which LIS class has been your favorite/most useful and why? I’m sure we could come up with others. It would be nice to have a mix of fun questions as well as serious ones.
  • I would love to get the feeling that if I needed something, like a job, or if I was deciding whether to go to a conference or not, that I could turn to SCALA for help.
  • Add to blog: Links to associations, link to join ALA, ALA association map, job database, where to volunteer in the northwest…
  • Have a list of local organizations who need library volunteers
  • Monthly feature “librarian of the month” – have a local librarian write about what they do etc.
  • Expand job section like UW student site
  • Features by selected students about interesting projects they are doing e.g. doing showcases etc.


  • Have one more social event
  • Continuing with the brown bag lunches
  • Outdoor activities, hiking, flower walk, scavenger hunt, picnic
  • High profile speakers, Mary-Jo Pugh, Candace Morgan…


  • More involvement from members not just officers
  • Bank Account/By Laws more organizational structure
  • People actually using the wiki

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