Meeting Minutes: August 18, 2007

Oregon SCALA Officers Meeting – August 18, 2007

Officers in Attendance:

Norma Leistiko (Webmaster)

Max Macias (Webmaster)

Crystal Neal (Treasurer)

Michael Hamilton (Webmaster)

Erica Johnson (President)

Laurisa Stubblefield (Social Committee)

Gordon Turner (Vice-President)

Candise Branum (Secretary)

Anne Hepburn (Social Committee)

Amy Stanforth (Social Committee)

1. Announcements

*Erica has been in contact with the President of OLA, and would like for SCALA to become involved with the organization. OLA is in need of committee members and has numerous volunteer opportunities. One way we could increase our chances of working with OLA is by getting as many SCALA members to join OLA; the fee is currently $28 for both ALA and OLA membership, but those prices may go up after this month. Becoming involved with OLA can increase our chances of being selected to attend and help out with functions such as conferences and workshops.

2. Who are we and what do we want?

  • Group: As a student chapter of Emporia, we are a part of the Kansas Chapter. Although they allow us to function autonomously, we are still intricately linked with KS SCALA.
    • The blog is a way we will be able to communicate effectively with KS SCALA.
    • Only one person from SCALA will be sent to the ALA Conference, but if we could fundraise with Kansas we could send two representatives, one from each state. If we each had a member from our own state attend, each group would be able to access information from the conference with more ease.
    • Perhaps we could collaborate on a “best practices” webpage project.
  • Individual: Introductions – go around and discuss what we want to get out of SCALA
    • Looking to the future, especially in regards to technology
    • Free technologies
    • Reaching out to patrons,
    • Group collaborations and experience working as a team
    • Social reasons and becoming a part of a community
    • Networking with other students and the larger community
    • Public interest, keeping on top of issues affecting Librarianship
    • Job outlook – to see what is out there and what we can do to prepare

3. Officer Roles

  • Erica views her role as a facilitator. She needs assistance coming up with brilliant ideas, but she can make it all happen.
  • Groups such as the social committee and the webmasters still need to flush out their roles and responsibilities. Everyone agrees to write up a job description (individual or groups) and email them to Candise within a weeks time. Candise will consolidate and send out to webmaster once the group has decided on a point person.
  • Issues raised: Do we have funds?
    • Our funds are at Kansas, but Crystal is having trouble connecting with Kansas’s treasurer.
    • Should we collect dues?
      • Perhaps we should give people options (such as paying dues or helping to fundraise).
      • We need to provide people with something if we are collecting dues.
      • We shouldn’t collect dues if we don’t have a plan for the money.
      • We will follow up this conversation with the entire group (not just officers) after Crystal investigates the money situation further.

4. Purpose of the blog – we need to have a focus

  • New info that would be of importance to SLIM students, info that is unique to us. People can read blogs anywhere, so we want to provide a reason for them to tune into us.
  • Monique’s blog is excellent, but we do not want to be a single voice, as we are representing an entire group.
    • Perhaps rotating blogs?
    • Webmasters will look into finding SCALA members who have blogs or would be interested in writing blogs.
  • Providing access to post comments directly on the blog so that people can openly discuss what is happening in our community – open to the public.
  • Michael has created a SCALA wiki, but this is not currently open to the public. We would like to use this as a discussion board for officers/insiders.
  • Would like the webpage to be consistent in being updated. Webmasters agree that they can update the page 1x/week.

5. Social Committee – ideas and plans

  • Should the committee be focused on “social/social” activities or “social with a purpose,” such as field trips with learning elements?
  • Ideas brainstormed:
    • Bowling
    • Barbeques
    • Blazer’s game
    • Seattle Public Library
    • Historical Society
    • Lectures or student/librarian panels, in which we could hear about people’s experiences working in libraries and learn from one another.
  • We could use a survey to find out what SCALA members what to do and how they would like to see the social group grow.
    • It is good to have ideas, as people may not tell us what they actually want to do, though we do need to provide that option.
    • The social committee agrees to make connections with the group at large and find out what people are interested in.

6. Next officers’ meeting is set for September 15, 2007 at 12:30 in the Smith Memorial Union. We are setting an hour cap on meetings. If you have classes, please try to get lunch ahead of time, as we may use the whole hour.

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