Meeting Minutes: December 2, 2007

Conference News:

We will be doing registration at the OLA/WLA-Joint Conference. We will know more details in January, so if people ask about volunteering, just ask them to check back after the new year.

Tech News:

  • The blog theme for December is Web2.0. Michael Baird has provided a substantial amount of info for this endeavor.
    • We want to encourage people to post feedback/comments to the blog, which will get discussions going and make people want to revisit the site.
    • Perhaps we can ask people to post comments (especially those students we know will be excited about this kind of forum).
  • Pinn is going to create a monthly e-newsletter, which will provide “headlines” and link to the blog.
    • She is looking into using “zinester”, which is a free (though for-profit) service. Ads seem to be very minimal.
    • Pinn will automatically put everything up in html so people can see the blog via email and not have to link to anything.
    • Pinn will post to the wiki prior to publication for a test run.

Guest Speakers:

Rachel Bridgewater will be our next Brown Bag Speaker. Gordon will write up a bio of her and send it to Michael for publication on the blog.

Field Trips:

  • Pinn has already posted about the Seattle Public Library trip to the blog. There is video footage as well, which she will send to Michael for publication.
  • Next trip: OSU Library would be a great trip for those interested in archives – Monique is looking into setting up a tour.

*OSU Librarians will give us a tour, but only during the work week (M-F)

*Date possibly the 1st or 2nd week of February. We will talk with students to see what date is the best.

Social Committee:

The next activity will be bowling. Anne will head the committee on this activity, and Anika will take on the activity after that.


  • We need to raise money if we want to have any funds. Ideas?
    • Making sack lunches available for purchase at speaker events
    • Benefit show (perhaps student bands could play?)


What do we call ourselves? We will discuss and come to an agreement via wiki.

Next Meeting:

Saturday, January 12th, 12:15pm. Smith Memorial Hall.

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