Meeting Minutes: February 23, 2008

Announcements / Business:

  • SCALA newsletter – Pinn is doing it weekly, so email her any additions by Saturday. Candise will add this to the SCALA-One notes.
  • Nike Library Tour – We will not attend, since they can only accommodate us during the week (regular work hours).
  • OLA/WLA Joint Conference Volunteering – We have a schedule.
    • Candise will pass out the signup sheet in the 804 class, then get the schedule back to Erica.
    • Michael will look into creating a sign-up forum on the blog.
    • They really need volunteers for Thursday and Friday morning.
  • SCALA Bank Account
    • There is a long process involved in creating a bank account in SCALA’s name.
    • We will not be tax-exempt.
    • There is a $50 application fee, but we will be able to cover it with the $100 check from Cecelia.
    • The next meeting, we will go over the application process.
  • T-Shirts – Amy has a great idea about a t-shirt design.
    • We could take pre-orders to cover the start-up costs.
    • Perhaps send them to other library blogs / conferences
    • Could we set up a PayPal system on our blog?
    • We will discuss designs on the wiki, but also bring it to the larger group
  • Next Event – BBQ at Anne’s on April 12th. People can bring food on Friday night so we don’t have to have it in class all day on Saturday.

Next Meeting – April 12th, 12:15pm.

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